Nothern Tool - Can,t buy it for sticker price

Sealy, Texas 0 comments

While in Houston on Northwest freeway went into Northern tool looking for a Pipe/tubing bender.1 Man was a great help to me.

Did not see what I was really looking for but saw a real good deal on a bender air operated jack on it for $219. Went to counter & purchased it & when they brought it to the front it was not the same as the display. No "sorry about that or anything just if you want it we can sell it to you at the normal price. I decided to get a refund due to the poor aditude then that took 20 min.

of my time.Do not think me or any of my family will visit them again

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Nothern Tool - Northern Tool: I could not figure out how to assemble product

Tacoma, Washington 1 comment

I bought a metal saw horse with teeth to hold logs from Northern Tool.It comes unassembled.

The diagram is unclear and the list of products assumes an amateur (me) knows the different sizes of various screws and nuts, or can guess them from the tiny diagram. But I thought: how tough can it be to put together a sawhorse? Well, three hours later, I was defeated. And since it comes with a number of locking bolts, it took me an hour to mostly disassemble it.

Ok, since it only costs $24 bucks and I've already spent more than double that in time, I'm just going to leave the parts in the box by the curb for anyone who wants it.But for crying out loud, Northern Tool, charge an extra five bucks and send it assembled!

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Take it over to your 12-year old neighbor ... he'll have it together for you in about 30 minutes.

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